Instruction for abstracts

Conference language is English. Before preparing your abstract please read the following instructions carefully.

 1  Use Microsoft WORD program

 2  Paper size should be A4(210mm x 297mm) and margins should be 35mm(top, bottom) and 30mm(right, left)

 3  The text should be single spaced in Arial in 11 point

 4  Type the title in 14 point Arial Bold with initial letters in capitals

 5  The presenting author should be listed first and underlined

 6  Topic of the Symposium is "Working time and health"
   Topic of Workshop is "Life style"

 7  Oral presentations for poster should be presented no longer than 90 seconds

 8  Oral presentations and Workshop presentation should be presented within 15 minutes,questions and discussions 5 minutes

 9  The size of the poster board is 150 cm high, 90 cm wide

10  Award will be given to the best posters